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About Mirabai


head-pro-web-8444.jpgMirabai Holland MFA Contemporary Artist

I guess I’ve been an artist most of my life. Even as a kid my work was abstract and expressionistic. My Mom was an artist and she started me with charcoal. When I showed an interest, she bought me a bunch of ink-pens. I loved working in ink pen. It was my medium of choice for a long time. In my early teens I took a photography course and especially loved macro-photography. But when computers started to offer real tools to the artist, I embraced the new medium as my own. Now I sometimes shoot a digital photograph and just leave it at that. Or, I’ll start to paint on it using one of my digital paint programs. Other times I just create digital paintings from scratch. I’m never bored. About the same time in my teens that I discovered photography, I discovered poetry and dance. My work became much more kinetic. I choreographed expressionistic dance pieces that I combined with poetry, music and imagery. I didn’t know it when I started, but I was a performance artist.

I went back to school and got a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. So if you ask me what I do with art, I have to say, I’m a dancer/choreographer, a poet, photographer and digital painter.  

Lately I’ve been concentrating on digital work, and I often team-up my images with a short poem about what the painting means to me.

I love seeing my art hanging on the wall in people's homes. I also love seeing my art all over stuff like t-shirts, and coffee mugs. If digital printing was available I think the old masters would have loved it too.




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