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About Mirabai


head-pro-web-8444.jpgMirabai Holland MFA Contemporary Artist


Mirabai Holland started making expressionistic charcoal and ink pen drawings as a young child. Even then her work was balanced and insightful enough that one would never suspect it came from a person her age. As she grew up Mirabai discovered dance, poetry and photography. Her work became more kinetic. She choreographed expressionistic dance pieces that she combined with poetry music and imagery. She received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and created several multi-media performance pieces in Boston and New York. She never stopped painting, drawing and shooting photographs which she often combined and then wrote poems about. But when computers started to offer real tools to the artist, Mirabai embraced this new medium as her own. She says “sometimes I shoot a digital photograph and just leave it at that. Or, I’ll start to paint on it using one of my digital paint programs. Other times I just create digital paintings from scratch. I’m never bored”

Lately she’s been concentrating on digital work often teaming up her images with a short poem about what her painting means to her. She doesn’t see a need to separate media. “It’s all part of the same experience” she says.




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